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High Speed Camera System

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2560 x 1690 @ 1000 frames per second (fps)
2560 x 1920 @ 800 frames per second (fps)
Full HD @ 2000fps
Compact Size 100 x 100 x 200mm - 2.9Kg

Memrecam HX-7 Features

CMOS Sensor
2560 X 1920 - all Active Pixels

Bit Depth
12/10/8-bit (selectable)

Adjustable Electronic Shutter
down to 1μs

Adjustable Frame Rates
in 1fps steps

Adjustable Resolution

Variable Framing Profile
a variety of frame rates in one recording sequence

Multiple Trigger Modes
Burst,multi-trigger, restart-trigger and image trigger

Straddle Mode
Inter-frame time for PIV applications = 286ns

Memory Segmentation

Dual Segment Recording
Simultaneously record to two separate memory
segments at two different recording speeds

High Light Sensitivity
ISO 2500 (colour) ISO 10,000 (mono)

Ultra High Sensitivity in Super Pixel Mode (2x2)
ISO 10,000 (colour) ISO 40,000 (mono)

Sealed Core
protects against dust, sand, dirt, etc. for use in dirty environments

Auto Exposure Control

Automatic Temperature Calibration

Ultra-Fast Gig-E Interface

Fast Download
to USB 3 HDD or C-Fast Compact Flash

Continuous Live Video Output

Stand alone control
no PC required

Memory Backup Battery

Dynamic Range Expansion Shutter

IRIG-B Capture & Sync with Phase Shift

Compact Design
2.9kg -100W x 100H x 200D(mm)

► Datenblatt Memrecam HX-7

► FTP-Site