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High Speed Camera System

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1280 x 1024 up to 1500 frames per second (fps)
Max frame rate 198,000fps

Memrecam GX-3 Features

CMOS Sensor
1280 X 1024 - all Active Pixels

High Light Sensitivity
ISO 5000 (colour) ISO 20,000 (mono)

Bit Depth
12/10/8-bit (selectable)

Adjustable Electronic Shutter
down to 1μs

Adjustable Frame Rates
in 1fps steps

Adjustable Resolution

Multiple Trigger Modes
Burst, multi-trigger, and image trigger

High resolution timing and sync

Memory Segmentation

Auto Exposure Control

Automatic Temperature Calibration

Gig-E Interface

Continuous Live Video Output

Stand alone control
no PC required

Memory Backup Battery

Dynamic Range Expansion Shutter

IRIG-B Capture & Sync with Phase Shift

Compact Design
4kg -100W x 100H x 260D(mm)

► Datenblatt Memrecam GX-3

► FTP-Site